Geophysical interpretation and survey design for mineral exploration

Mines Geophysical Services is a consulting business run by Dr John Coggon, who has over 30 years’ experience in exploration, lecturing and research.

    Mines Geophysical Services can – 
       recommend techniques
       plan and supervise surveys
       process and enhance new or old data
       carry out interpretation

In-house software may be adapted to suit specific needs or provide innovative approaches. 3D interpretation is a speciality.


Other pages on this site contain some general information on geophysical exploration methods with illustrations of data and interpretation.

   Contact details:

    Mines Geophysical Services
    P O Box 976
, Denmark,
    WA 6333, Australia
    Phone +61 8 9840 9670
    Mobile +61 4 3991 6970
    Email  john@minesgeophysical.com


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